Coaching  Testimonials:

I've been a professional actor for 17 years. In that time, I've never had an acting coach that got me more in the moment, or present in a scene. Since my time with Sarah Koestner, I've booked multiple projects, and my callback percentage is over 60 percent. I can happily accredit that to the Meisner Technique training and exercises I won't soon forget, from Sarah. She kicks some serious butt. And she's isn't afraid to call you out when you're not. Thank you Sarah!! ~Shane Graham, Actor  on  AMC's "The Son" 

I never stop learning from Sarah. I’ve taken her class for two semesters now, and also reached out to her for private coaching as I prepared to audition for summer programs. She’s truly passionate about what she does, and she draws from an extensive toolbox of exercises to bring the best out of each student, taking the time to find out exactly where you’re coming from and what makes you tick so that she can give you the best possible strategies for success. She will push you to get out of your comfort zone, but in an environment where it’s safe to be vulnerable. Even after one private session, I felt that my monologues evolved enormously towards a greater sense of honesty and emotional color. Because of the work we did, I walked into my latest audition feeling confident and ready to explore — and a few weeks later, I was accepted into the summer training program of my choice!-- Clara Hevia, Actress

Both as an acting and speech coach, Sarah has a sensitivity that spots bad habits right away. Her input and feedback are always extremely specific, poignant and precise; she has a “no bullsh*t” radar that will push you to stay out of your head and just go for it in a truthful way. One of the coolest things about Sarah is that she will continue to process your work out of class, and bring spot-on notes for you the next time you meet. She will go that extra mile to offer advice that you can put to good use on a daily basis and not just when you’re in class with her. Definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! --Federico Mallet , Actor


Her passion creates an amazing class atmosphere that led me fully participate in her class... She is one of best teachers I have ever met in my life! She is also a mentor who will help you explore your life deeper. She planted courage and faith in myself which significantly expanded my perspective toward acting and character analysis. --Jean Jisoo Hyun, Actress


What I love about working with Sarah is her no-nonsense approach. She is very honest; she tells you what is working for a character, what isn't, and what you can do to put yourself into a character's situation. She does not tell you how to play a scene but helps you into a scene, working with you so you can make your choices. She loves the work that goes into bringing a character, a scene to life, and she teaches her students to respect that work as well. She takes the craft of acting very seriously and her passion is contagious. Sarah is a person with strong convictions who cares deeply about her students. She does not work by the clock. She is a mentor, there to guide her students on a journey in the pursuit of finding something truthful.--Patrick Leonard, Actor


Sarah is a fabulous teacher, who will make you feel comfortable in any situation. Every time I came to class I knew that I could give all myself without any fear, because of the great trust I had of her. --Veronica Nolte, Actress


I'm a comedic actor and I've always been afraid to explore dramatic material. Sarah was able to make me take that risk assisting me and teaching me how to use my emotional sphere as a tool and the results have been extraordinary! --Eric Paterniani, Actor


I reached out to Sarah to help me prepare for an upcoming audition and I'm so glad I did! She is an intelligent, passionate, and sensitive acting coach. Her training and experience in both voice and acting lends itself to very specific notes and precise guidance. Her honesty, compassion, and sense of humor calmed my nerves as she helped me make clearer choices and ground myself in my work and then encouraged me to trust myself and let it go! I went into my audition with a much greater sense of ease because I got to work with Sarah! -- Becca L. McLarty, Actress


I received the guidance I needed consistently from Sarah Koestner.  Her instincts are always on point and she always gives food for thought and some encouragement when needed as well.  She truly minds the development of her students.  She does not take short cuts and she gives 200%.  Having recently found myself in a bit of an actor funk, the things I had been beating myself up about were both valid and invalid.  Sarah not only helped me become more mindful of my choices as an actor but more to the point, as a human being that is an actor. -- Christopher Sanchez, Actor


Sarah is so passionate about her students, I genuinely feel so lucky that I got to meet her as my Meisner teacher 5 years ago and very recently took a class with her again, it was so good to be back at acting and to have Sarah be the one to get my acting muscles going again. She gives everything she has every class and you can really see how much she cares. She gives great constructive criticism and totally call's you out when you need it. She seems to know all these tiny tricks that can change so much. I also love how she incorporates yoga and meditation into acting warm-ups. And you can always tell she has done her homework, class never ends just because she isn't teaching, you can really feel how much thought and effort she puts in to make you better at your craft. She is very good at figuring you out and pinpointing exactly what you need to get you out of your shell and break down those walls. She gives all she's got and it makes you do the same, Sarah really truly cares, it is infectious. -- Victoria Werdennigg, Actress